Fais & Afrojack
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Fais & Afrojack


Not just a mere singer, pianist and songwriter, Fais is a full-fledged pop star. His debut single with Afrojack, Hey, instantly became a monster hit and his follow-up single, Used To Have It All, has already been touted as his next big hit. Clearly, Fais is destined to conquer the world.

Until the age of thirteen, Fais, born Faisal Ben Said, was a self-proclaimed rascal, spending his days playing football on the streets on the west side of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Some said that those who lived there had no future. They were wrong. Though music initially wasn’t exactly his cup of tea, this all changed during high school. Inspired by music classes, he had found his passion and went on to explore it all. Drawn to the works of Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson, Fais grew fond of the piano when John Legend took the world by surprise with Ordinary People. For three years, Fais studied classical piano. The rest of his musical skill was self-taught.

It all led to the next step. He competed in a national talent contest and emerged victorious winning the grand prize: performing in the famous Apollo Theater in New York. There, he impressed once more and was invited to show off his skills once again during the Apollo’s renowned ‘Amateur Night’.

Upon his return, he frequently indulged in jam sessions and became a familiar face in the cover-band circuit, but it dawned on him that there was only one-way to build a future: writing one’s own songs. Drawing inspiration from experienced songwriters, he found Soul music and used it as a stepping-stone to commercial dance music, eventually writing top lines for DJs and producers.

As if it was meant to be, he then met one of Holland’s most renowned artists, for a second time, the person he had already met in Spijkenisse, Holland during high-school jam sessions. Getting caught in conversation about music and top lines, Nick invited Fais to send him music demos, which occurred that very same night. “Every time I had come up with something new, I sent him another e-mail”, Fais says. “I might’ve only received two responses from him over the course of 400 e-mails of my own, but he had warned me about that beforehand.”

But it all paid off in the end. A new, continual collaboration was born, leading to long days of hard work in the studio and signing a deal with WALL Recordings, Afrojack’s label.

Only two years in, they had something incredible to show for it: Fais ft. Afrojack – Hey. The single was put out in February 2016, became the Dance Smash on Radio 538 within the week of its release, peaked at #2 in the Dutch Top 40, and received over a million views a day on YouTube. (Hey currently has over more than 100.000.000 views.) Fais joined Afrojack in televisions and radio shows such as RTL Late Night, RTL Boulevard, Coen & Sander and Giel, and even served as a special guest in the US for broadcasting stations such as Z-100, Kiss FM and iHeart Radio.

Not content with conquering only the Netherlands Fais arduously travelled the globe with Afrojack delivering countless thunderous performances of the monster hit which appeared in the iTunes and Spotify Charts in Europe, Africa as well as North and South America.

It was a dream come true, but Fais isn’t done yet. No less ambitious than when he first began his journey, he said “I don’t just want people to know me as the one that performs alongside DJs. I want more. I want to inspire people with my music, to leave a legacy and perform a host of my own songs. And I still want to build a solid career as a songwriter.”

There’s no lack of dedication or discipline to be found. “I know there are tons of singers, songwriters and pianists who out-skill me any day, any time. But I’ve learned that hard work can make up for a lot. If I hadn’t sent Nick 400 e-mails and hadn’t blown off my friends who wanted Saturday nights out, I wouldn’t have been where I’m at today.”

“THIS isn’t where it ends. My dream is to fill stadiums around the world. I’ve had a taste of just that, thanks to Nick, and I want more. The only way that’s going to happen is if I continue working hard. Not just enjoying current success, but starting fresh every single day.”

Fais is now touring all over the world and during every free second, working in the studio, both on solo projects and other internationally acclaimed pop artists.