Will Simms
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Will Simms


No stranger to a hit record and a killer melody, having written and produced for a number of acts including WSTRN, Aloe Blacc, Lil Jon, Krishane and Sean Kingston to name just a few, Will Simms is stepping out from behind the scenes to offer his debut track, the explosive Chariot (feat. Stylo G).

Will Simms provides the bass-heavy beats, while dancehall don Stylo G – known for the instantly recognisable dancefloor smashes ‘My Yout’, ‘Call Mi a Leader’ and ‘Soundbwoy’ – sits on top to take you on a ride in his pumping custom ‘Chariot’, delivering the electric refrains with the flow and attitude that only Stylo can.

Unleashing a sound made for the biggest sound systems and poised to cause ripples in the music industry as it becomes a permanent fixture on speakers everywhere from the ‘Chariot’ to the club, Will Simms is making sure he is hitting the scene with a bang!