Yolanda Be Cool
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Yolanda Be Cool


A Dane, an American and two Aussies walk into a studio…

Not the start to one of your dad’s favorite jokes but the ingredients for one of 2016’s most electrifying pieces of pop-tinged bass music with an exotic, tropical twist.

S.O.S is the result of Danish producer Kenneth Bager combining forces with Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool and pairing with the undeniable vocal talents of Aloe Blacc. A party that never misses a dance step, the single packs big beats and punchy melodies galore and coupled with a distinctly danceable hook melody, it conjures up images of some far-away, wild island party.

Yolanda Be Cool are the duo behind the unavoidable worldwide number one breakthrough track, “We No Speak Americano” which sold over 5 million copies and amassed over 200 million YouTube views. To date they’ve amassed over 65 Million Spotify plays, 2.5 Million Shazam followers, released a string of highly successful follow up singles and have played some of the globes biggest clubs and festivals.

S.O.S is out now via Neon Records / Island Records