28 Apr 2017

Vigiland – Friday Night

28 Apr 2017

Firmly established as one of the most consistently strong dance acts on the scene right now, Sweden’s Vigiland are set to drop their latest unique sound. Getting released via Universal Sweden, ‘Friday Night’ will land with a bang on April 28th. It’s hard to keep up with the vast success the duo has had on Spotify, with previous releases including ‘UFO,’ ‘Shots & Squats’ and ‘Pong Dance’ racking up hundreds of millions of streams. Vigiland were also asked to perform live at last year’s MTV MIAW Awards in Mexico with the cast of Acapulco Shore.

The inspiration for this brand new track has an interesting backstory, with Vigiland saying of its creation:

“We had a night out in Stockholm a few months ago, and there was a bouncer acting like an a**hole to some guests in the line, and eventually didn’t let them in… We got inspired in the studio the next day and the outcome is ‘Friday Night!”

Featuring some of Vigiland’s signature production traits including driving guitar hooks, highly memorable and utterly infectious lyrics and a punchy bounce/house beat, ‘Friday Night’ is a dancefloor weapon with bite; it will draw you straight in with its narrative story-telling and melodic zing.

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